The Southern Cross

Stargazing -The Southern Cross 
空を見上げて ~南十字星~

The Philippines is located in the tropical region of the northern hemisphere where the Southern Cross is best viewed from the month of April to June. It rises just a degree above the horizon from eight o’clock in the evening at southeast and rises even more as the hour passes by. It stands upright at its peak in the south. In Pulchra, this constellation can be seen at the beach area. Make the pier kiosk your guide in finding it. Look at its roof and you can see the Southern Cross just a little bit on top of it on its right side. And while you’re there, take a look at the other group of stars. On the right side of the Southern Cross, you will see the False Cross, and a little further you will see Canis Major or the Great Dog, and Orion the Great Hunter.
The night sky is full of wonder and beauty, so take a stroll along the shore and gaze at this beautiful cluster of stars!


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Nature’s Treat from the Skies – Lyrid Meteor Shower
Summer it is, and while we can enjoy swimming and bask under the sun during the day, there’s still something to look forward to at night. You can go strolling along the beach at night and look at the Southern Cross, and there’s even an additional treat in store for us! From April 22&23, watch the annual Lyrid Meteor Shower! Look to the northeast after midnight to see nature’s fireworks display. The shower will peak before dawn of April 23.
The night sky is full of wonder and beauty, so take a stroll along the shore and gaze at this beautiful cluster of stars!

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