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The Concept

Pulchra is a Latin word that means "beautiful".

Nature inspired the birth of Pulchra. The particular combination of the sky, sea, and earth enables one to find pleasure in tranquility. Pulchra's calm and relaxing ambiance helps to unfold one's inner peace and unravels one's inner treasures - a path towards true beauty. Born of nature, Pulchra seeks to be in harmony with nature by invoking balance and sustainability in its relationships. Alongside this passion is its commitment to provide health and happiness, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our landscape, villas, and facilities were designed keeping in mind the balance of nature, because we believe that man was created to take care of nature, and not to rule over it. In Pulchra you can see birds flying around freely, butterflies fluttering about and marine creatures swimming without much worry in our house reef, for they know that they have found their home here.   

We care not only for nature but our guests’ well-being too. We make sure we give our guests the best there is to offer. Our restaurants will surely delight your dining experience as we have a great variety of healthy and tasty menu, complimented with our signature drinks and finest selection of wine. Our activities also vary from marine, land, wellness and for kids as well. From the time the sun rises, even after the sun sets, you’ll never ran out of things to do. But most of all, what sets us apart from all the others is the kind of service that we render to our guests, one that is from the heart; the kind of service that will always want you to come back to Pulchra.

Discover a private paradise and unparalleled luxury. Create an unforgettable journey. Discover Pulchra!!:D
Pulchra F.U.N. (Forces United for Nature)

Turtle Hatch


It all started last January 9, 2012, when an actual encounter with a mother sea turtle happened at Pulchra’s beach. A Hawksbill sea turtle laid its eggs and after a while, it went back to the sea. Pulchra marked the area and protected the nesting ground. And much to our surprise, it was actually the second time that it laid eggs, as there were two occasions when hatchlings were found. First was on January 19, 2012 and the second was on March 12, 2012. Pulchra was recognized by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment for its effort in protecting marine life, and it was declared as the first time that a sea turtle laid eggs in Cebu. Sea turtles are endangered species and its visit sent a clear message to Pulchra ~ to protect and preserve the environment, especially at this time when the effects of climate change is felt all over the world. With this, Pulchra re-affirms its commitment to be more responsible in its actions to lessen the negative impact to the environment. Aimed at raising environmental awareness among its staff, guests, and neighboring communities, an environmental program was conceptualized Pulchra F.U.N. and was born.

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Pulchra F.U.N.
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Cebu 6018 Philippines
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