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Cultural & Historical Activities

LIFE AT THE FARM ~ Exploring the Beauty and Versatility of the Coconut Tree:D

Popularly known in the Philippines as “The Tree of Life,” all parts of the Coconut tree has its essential use and it is our hope to share to our guests the goodness of the so-called “Tree of Life” which Pulchra has been so blessed to have in abundance. Explore and learn about the beauty and versatility of the Coconut tree. It has touched many lives of the Filipinos, and surely it will also make wonders in your hearts.

  • Get on “Trisikad” and our staff will welcome you to our Organic Farm.
  • Coconut Wine

Tuba, as it is commonly called is extracted from the flower bud of the coconut tree. It is mixed with “Tungog” (bark of a tree) to add flavor and color during the fermentation of the juice. It is gathered once a day but a tuba gatherer, locally called as “mananggiti” must climb the tree three times each day to slice the bud to have fresh juice drops.

  • Coconut Candy

Locally called as “balekutsa” this candy is made from coconut milk and sugar. With sweet, tropical taste, you will surely enjoy this local delicacy.

  • Puso Weaving

“Puso” which is popularly known as hanging rice, used to be a ritual object by the early Cebuanos, which they offered to the gods for thanks giving. This natural packaging is made by weaving young coconut fronds, locally called as “lukay.” The person who makes the “puso” is called a “manlala.” 

  • Coconut Midribs

The coconut midrib, locally known as “tukog” is the thin, hard and slightly flexible strip found in the middle of the coconut leaf. It is popularly known as a material used in making baskets, native plates and brooms.

  • Coconut Husk Floor Scrubber

The coconut husk is the outer covering of the coconut fruit. The husk can be used as a floor scrubber. Locally known as “lampaso” it is a traditional tool for polishing wooden floors.

 Php 800 per person

One of the popular towns here in Cebu, Carcar exhibits wondrous countryside lifestyle and depicts the traditional Filipino home, economic scenery, and culture. You can find history in all you see – from old church, schools and houses. Indulge to PULCHRA’s Countryside Experience and enjoy an experience worth remembering in the historical town of Carcar.


  • Basket Making
  • Visit St. Catherine’s Church, Museum, and local market
  • Have fun and go shopping at "Carcar Fiesta Mall"

Php 1,500 per person 

*Above rates are subject to 12% government tax and 10% service charge.

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