Kids Activities


Enhance your kid’s talents when they indulge from one of our activities. Our experienced Guest Service Coordinators will take care of your kids and will make sure that they will have fun while learning. Make this trip a memory to remember through our K.I.N.G.S. Activity!

Recommended for 3 to10-year old kids.
Php800.00 per kid (A glass of chilled juice and materials are included)
Duration of activity is around 1 hour.
Cut-off time for reservation is 10:00 PM a day before.

Kook-kiss & Me Kids will surely love to make and decorate their yummy home-made Pulchra cookies in different shapes and colors. Enhance their magnificent ideas in molding some sweeties & “kook-kiss”.
Mugna Discover “Mugna” in different ways of exploring kids’ creativity. Kids will love to share their talents in painting and decorating as they wish to use their imaginations with indigenous materials.
Kutingtingan Kids will enjoy the privilege to design their original accessories and explore wonders in style. Philippine-made products will transform into a unique bracelet and necklace.
Let's Play Ukulele Kids can experience a great and exciting time of learning to play the ukelele. With their small fingers strumming, they can  certainly
enjoy and love this little string instrument-Ukelele.
Have a worry-free and hassle-free vacation. Our experienced babysitter will take care of your baby. So relax and enjoy, we can assure you that your precious little one will be in good hands. First 2 hours Php 500.00/per kid. Each succeeding hour is Php 250.00. Babysitter’s meal will be charged (lunch and dinner). Cut-off time for reservation is 5:00 PM a day before.
 *Above rates are subject to 12% government tax and 10% service charge. 
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