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Regulations on Accomodation

1.    Non- registered person is not allowed to stay.
2.    Presentation of valid ID/passport is required for proper identification.
3.    Guarantee payment is deemed required when necessary.
4.    No Tipping
5.    Minor cannot stay without guardian.
6.    Guest’s visitor is not allowed to enter without reservation and confirmation. Guest’s visitor can stay only until 9pm at the restaurants or lobby.
7.    Changes or modification of the period of stay shall be informed in advance. Room availability shall be checked for extension of stay and cancellation charges shall apply for shortening of stay.
8.    Settlement of bills earlier prior to check-out time is greatly appreciated.
9.    Do not bring the followings inside the resort:    
a.    Explosives, flammable materials
b.    Firearms, swords, or other dangerous weapons
c.    Illegal drugs
d.    Pets except for guide dog/seeing eye dog
e.    Smelly Item (example: Durian, Marang, Jackfruit)
10.    Smoking is only allowed at designated.
11.    Minors are forbidden to smoke & drink alcohol.
12.    Use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
13.    Gambling is strictly prohibited.
14.    Engaging in indecent behavior is strictly prohibited.
15.    “Nudity” is not allowed in the public area. Appropriate swimming attire at the main pool and children’s pool is required.
16.    Do not enter restricted or private areas.
17.    Disturbance of guest privacy is strictly prohibited such as photo and video taking, noise and loud conversation.
18.    No fishing
19.    Transferring from original location of room facilities and amenities is not allowed. Bringing outside of resort belongings and properties is strictly prohibited.
20.    No bringing of food and drinks from outside.
21.    No re-heating of food and cooking within the resort.
22.    Do not leave any cash and other valuable items in the room. The Management is not liable for any report on losses. Safety deposit boxes are conveniently provided in every room and at the front office.  
23.    The resort reserves the right to dispose any items left behind or unclaimed in accordance with the resort’s regulations.
24.    Accidents or incidents happened outside the resort due to personal itinerary is out of the Management’s liability.
25.    Car park is available. We encourage “Engine Off”. Any car loss or damages is out of the Management’s responsibility.
26.    The resort reserves the right to refuse the accommodation of persons, who violated any of the above regulations.

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