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Thank you for your interest in our loyalty program!
Please take your time to read this information leaflet for you to be guided on how to accumulate points, how many points you need to avail of a free accommodation and how to redeem your points.

How do you earn points?
Every time you stay with us, you get to earn points based on your room accommodation, how many times you’ve stayed with us, and your booking source. The table below will show the points you will earn per night if the booking was done directly to Pulchra. For those who have booked through a travel agent, you will earn 50% of the assigned points per night based on your room accommodation:

Room Category 1st Time 2nd Time 3rd Time 4th Time 5th Time & up
Lagoon Suite 750pts. / night 900pts. / night 1125 pts. / night 1410 pts. / night 1875 pts. / night
Pool Lagoon Suite 1000 pts. / night 1200 pts. / night 1500 pts. / night 1880 pts. / night 2500 pts. / night
Pool Garden Villa 1500 pts. / night 1800 pts. / night 2250 pts. / night 2820 pts. / night 3750 pts. / night
Seafront Jacuzzi Villa 1750 pts. / night 2100 pts. / night 2625 pts. / night 3290 pts. / night 4375 pts. / night
Two Bedroom Pool Villa 2000 pts. / night 2400 pts. / night 3000 pts. / night 3760 pts. / night 5000 pts. / night

Here are the points you need to earn to get a 1 night room accommodation for free!

Room Category Points needed
Lagoon Suite 7,500 points
Pool Lagoon Suite 10,000 points
Pool Garden Villa 15,000 points
Seafront Jacuzzi Villa 17,500 points
Two Bedroom Pool Villa 20,000 points

Terms and conditions:

  1. Pulchra Fun Card can be availed for free and upon signing up, you are automatically qualified to earn points.
  2. Your permanent Pulchra Fun Card shall be given to you on your next stay. The temporary card must be surrendered then.
  3. The Pulchra Fun Card can be used only by the card holder. It cannot be given, borrowed or be sold to another person.
  4. The Pulchra Fun Card should be presented to Guest Service every time you stay with us to earn points, otherwise, points will not be given.
  5. Your accumulated points shall be advised to you on your check out day.
  6. Points shall expire after 5 years from the time it was earned.

How to redeem points:

  1. When you have reached the accumulated points needed and have decided to avail of a free accommodation, please contact Pulchra Reservations through:
    Telephone call:(6332) 232-0823 to 24
    Email :info@pulchraresorts.com
  2. You must have at least booked for a minimum of 2 nights paid accommodation to avail of a free accommodation.
  3. A maximum of 2 nights free accommodation only can be availed under the same booking.
  4. Availment of points shall be deemed final upon check-in and shall not be subject to change or cancellation within the stay.

Gift Certificate (GC)

  1. Benefits or points earned can be convertible to GC, which is valid for 1 year. Provided that the convertible points shall not be less than 1 year from its expiry date.
  2. I. Please let us know through e-mail if you would like to convert your points to GC.
    II. Pulchra reservation shall send back a “Request to Convert Points to GC” form within the next 48 hours. The requesting party must sign, acknowledge, and must send back the form to Pulchra for confirmation.
    III. Upon confirmation, Pulchra reservation will send the GC (PDF file) through email, along with the remaining points balance.
  3. The GC can be enjoyed provided that the user should have at least booked for a minimum of 2 nights paid accommodation.
  4. An additional 10% of your accumulated points shall be deducted for GC conversion option.

Additional information:

  1. Change of name or lost Pulchra Fun Card should be reported immediately to Pulchra for replacement. Change of email address and home address should be informed to Pulchra as well for information update.
  2. When you cancel the reservation using free accommodation, points are not allowed to be used as cancellation charge. Whole amount of cancellation charge must be paid by cash only.
  3. A tabulated points is subject to change without prior notice.
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Pulchra FUN Loyalty Program
Please click here to know more on how to accumulate and avail points.