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Beach Dining

Delight your senses as choose you from our selection of exquisite theme dinners, and take pleasure of sharing a memorable night as you dine by the beach.

Candle Light Dinner

Surrounded by candle lights, dine under the glittering stars and listen to the beautiful sound of the waves as you enjoy our special course dinner. We are sure that it will be a romantic and unforgettable night.

Starlight Dinner

Enjoy an evening listening to the rolling waves and gazing at the wonderful night sky with our special Asian dinner set at the beach lanai. Get a special treat from Mother Nature and take pleasure as you gape in awe at the beauty of the heavens at night.

Private BBQ Dinner

Savor the taste of freshly grilled BBQ and delectable Filipino food at the beach lanai. Feel the cool sea breeze, and the soothing sound of the waves. Be caught up in a timeless and relaxing atmosphere.

Breakfast in the Morning SUN Shower

Great day starts with a good morning!
Revels the beauty of the sunrise, an inviting view of the sea while partaking a sumptuous and healthy breakfast at our beach lanai.

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