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The Concept

Born of nature, Pulchra aspires to be one with nature, invoking balance and sustainability in its relationships. Alongside this aspiration is its commitment to provide health and happiness, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Pulchra's aspiration and commitment go hand in hand through environment-friendly products and processes, community culture and traditions, and genuine social relationships.

Pulchra Resort Da Nang blends the rich Cham culture with the modern sophistication of Vietnam, complementing the three UNESCO World Heritage sites namely the Ancient town of Hoi An, My Son ruins, and Hue Citadel. The Cham-inspired beach resort is situated along the culturally vibrant coast of Danang “Bien Non Nuoc”, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Nestled in a 10-hectare beach coast land are 31 luxurious villas designed eight to twelve meters apart to conceive to a secluded haven amidst lush foliage.

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module movie vietnam
Pulchra F.U.N.
Fact Sheet

San Isidro, San Fernando
Cebu 6018 Philippines
PH +6332 NoSkype232.0823 to 0825
FX +6332 NoSkype  488.9292
Email: info@pulchraresorts.com
Email for Japanese :

P. Hoa Hai, Q. Ngu Hanh Son
T.P. Da Nang, Vietnam
Tel: (+84) 511 392 0823
Fax: (+84) 511 391 3215
Email: info.danang@pulchraresorts.com
Email for Japanese : danang.jp@pulchraresorts.com

TEL 0NoSkype436 25.0261
FAX 0NoSkype436 25.0271


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