Photo-Book shooting

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We supported shooting for 1st photo-book of Ms Yui Okada.
Thank you very much.


カメラ(C)Takeo Dec.

Organic Farms

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Organic Farm

We have an Organic Farm inside the Resort.

We began this endeavor as our way of respond positively to our day to day efforts to instill growth.

The good news is that we have gradually harvested the graces of the earth and thus,
have supplied our Restaurants with healthy and nutritious produce for our choice recipes that we serve at our guests table.

To be truly one with Nature, it is our aim and growing commitment to let our guests be indulged with Nature in a variety of ways aside from providing them with their daily nourishment.

Join us as we look forward to that momentous time.


Bat Trang

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Bat Trang

Tableware truly decorates the meal.

At Pulchra, we choose the right tableware for our exquisite choice of dishes. To observe this, we actually visit the genuine Bat Trang potteries located 30 minutes from Hanoi.

The connection between Bat Trang and Japan can be traced back long in history. Bat Trang pottery was introduced to Japan in the 16th century and had been popular among the tea masters.
Noticeable of the paint design is the dragonfly, which symbolizes Bat Trang. At that time, most Japanese preferred to order a lot with this design and was regarded as one of the most popular art patterns.

At the main restaurant, Vayu the Bat Trang adorns well our Asian cuisine that is finely prepared by our great Chef and would surely entertain your eyes. Bat Trang items are available at our Citta gift shop, an option for you to keep your wonderful memories while staying with us.

Happy Year of the Monkey

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Happy Year of the Monkey

Pulchra Resort Da Nang beautifies the lobby with Hoa mai vang tree in full bloom as Vietnam enters the New Year.

2016 is the year of the Monkey and symbolizes "the ripening of the fruit of the trees." We at Pulchra strive hard and aim for higher hospitality which we provide to all our guests this year as well.

Gogyo Promotion

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Gogyo Promotion

Chef Recommendation Course - Our way of saying thank you these Holidays

Treat yourself. Try authentic Japanese cuisine while dining in a space where both traditional and modern sophistication converge.

Enjoy 20% discount on Chef recommendation course menu when you opt to stay in Pulchra Resort.

(This promotion is now not available.)

Excite more your dining experience when you also try our local beverage especially Japanese rice wine (Etsu no Hajime) locally produced in Hue, a World heritage site.

Experience great value on your sumptuous meal at Gogyo Japanese Restaurant.

Energy Balance

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Energy Balance

Energy Balance2

Pulchra is a blissful sanctuary that welcomes guests who seek inner peace while living in harmony with nature.
It is in our heart to provide a calm and relaxing ambiance including thoughtfully preferred activities that leaves a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Yoga is one enticing activity that promotes well being and an ideal way to live a healthy and happy life.
An interesting aspect of Yoga is its absolute appreciation to nature remarked by performed actions that gratifies and acknowledges the source that nurtures and revitalizes the mind, body and spirit. Rightfully, Yoga respects and care for nature.

A commendable Yoga ritual is to perform simple salutations to the sun and moon where one can draw vital energy.
When done regularly, the salutations allow control and balance.

The advantages of Yoga can be manifested thru an experience of content, peace of mind, inspired living, better efficiency at work, character building, harmonious relationship at work and at home and spiritual progress.

Discover and enjoy a balanced life thru an experience of traditional Yoga just right here at Pulchra...

Cooking Class

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Cooking Class

Vietnamese cuisine has been influenced by both China and France. Interestingly, the staple food of the Vietnamese is generally rice.

And Vietnamese cuisine features a wealth of vegetables and choice herbs with less use of oil. Thus, many regards this as an overall healthy cuisine.

At Pulchra, we offer Vietnamese Cooking Class excuisitely handled by our Vietnamese chef. Reservation is required to experience an hour of wondrous learning.

We introduce three dishes popularly prepared by Vietnamese in their homes. Enjoy your first time cooking along with your children as we make it simple and easy to learn.

Experience healthy Vietnamese cooking as you stay with us and incorporate this to your cooking repertoire at home.

Vietnamese Coffee

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Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam is one of the leading coffee producing countries in the world.

Along the streets of the city, one can witness how the locals revere coffee which makes this experience truly vital activity of the daily life of a Vietnamese.

The use of a phin filter to brew coffee is a practice that has been handed down since.

Coarsely grounded coffee beans is placed on a phin filter and poured with hot water. Coffee is then extracted as it gradually drips through the fine holes of the filter, gently accord a passage of time for it to finish, which normally goes unnoticed.

At Pulchra, we offer high quality robusta beans coming from the local produce which we serve to our guests.

Refreshingly awaken yourself in the morning or feel the afternoon with the pleasant sea breeze at the poolside. Please enjoy Vietnamese culture with a sip of coffee only here at Pulchra.


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We were featured in this magazine!
Thank you very much!


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Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam.

Lotus grows in abundance around mud ponds and swamp. The leaves and flowers are so beautiful that in the Hindu teaching, the flower symbolizes purity and goodness.
The same is true even in China and Japan. A Buddhist saying goes, “Like the lotus flower that grows from the mud, it blooms without being stained by the mud.” Man has been nobly compared to the lotus.

Interestingly, when the air temperature gets high, expect the lotus to flower in full bloom once at a certain period of the year.

At this time, people avidly go out to take pictures of the lotus field, notably an endearing moment as well to shoot photos for the wedding.

At Pulchra Resort Da Nang, beguile your eyes with these flowers at the lobby and the main lagoon just located at the heart of the Resort. You can opt to adore a healthy and splendid cup of lotus tea at our Vayu Restaurant.

During your stay, delight your five senses with the most beloved flower in Vietnam, the Lotus.

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