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The Citadels at Hue are a must-see site for any visitors. This fortification shows an outstanding example of brilliant planning and construction of a completely defended eastern feudal capital. Four citadels can be found in Hue, namely: the Capital City for the official administrative buildings, Imperial City for royal palaces and shrines, Forbidden Purple City for the royal residences, and lastly, the Inner City. Hue once served as the administrative center of Southern Vietnam from the 17th to the 18th century.  




Royal palace

The Royal Palace can be compared to the large scale model of the Forbidden City of Beijing. In 17th century, walls were built under the commands of the emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. Within the living quarters of the Forbidden City lies the Hall of Supreme Harmony, which is situated at the center. At present, the Imperial Tombs and the Hall of Supreme Harmony have been restored after being left under deterring conditions following the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Restoration work of the entire Royal Palace continues until now

Imperial Tombs

The tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty Emperors are located along the Perfume River. The designs of the tombs would reflect both European and Asian influence. One of the remarkable tombs is the Minh Mang Tomb, which is shrouded in green making it a relaxing place to visit. Another impressive tomb is of Emperor Tu Doc who belong to the fourth generation and reigned the longest, while the famed tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh is the best preserved tomb, presenting a fusion of traditional Vietnamese and Baroque design(Thé Mieu)>and Worship of the Nine Nguyen Lords;(Thai Mieu) are also worth of visit

Thien Mu Pagoda

The pagoda is considered the most beautiful among religious buildings and noted as Vietnam's oldest. The seven-tier tower with octagonal enclave reflects Chinese culture with Zen temple features. It is said that the pagoda was built after a celestial maiden appeared in 1601. The temple is also the site where a priest decided to self-immolate in protest to the government of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War

Hue Royal Cuisine

Located at the Hue Imperial City, the Royal Palace Cuisine is famed for its delicate taste and for the art of carving fruits and vegetables, transforming dishes with such stunning presentations. Try listening to music and feasting with Hue court cuisine thru the various restaurants situated at the Perfume River. Experience in the city the everyday life of the emperor

Dong Ba Market

Located just at the Royal Palace ruins, the Dong Ba Market is the biggest market in Hue. The market is well-loved by the locals even in the old days. The market is filled with vibrant people and offers unique items to choose from

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